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Bug Reports, Feedback / Re: Tabs active in background windows should not be counted
Thanks for your feedback and welcome to the BATify forum wowl :)!

Could you please explain a bit more, what you mean by "active tab in a background window"? BATify has got a timeout of 5 minutes for inactivity in a tab. This means, if there happens no scrolling in a tab during a period of 5 minutes, the attention logging for this tab should stop automatically. This happens only for the active tab, the attention logging for inactive tabs (in the sense of not the top tabs) stops immediately when they become inactive because the focus switches to another tab.
FAQ / How does BATify work?
  • BATify collects information about how long you visit which websites. This information is collected locally in your browser.
  • You define a monthly BAT budget which you want to contribute to the websites you visited. The budget is funded by transferring BTC, LTC, ETH or BAT to your wallet addresses.
  • Once per month a voting takes place based on the collected information. The names of the websites which won the voting are then transferred anonymously to the Brave ledger server. The budget you defined in BATify is split between these winners.
  • The winners can claim the BAT.

Under the bottomline: BATify offers an anonymous and automatic publisher contribution system.
News / 0.9.22 released
Fixes #13: After contribution last contribution date on BATify page is not refreshed in some cases
Fixes #14: Detect Vivaldi and Yandex browser
News / 0.9.21 released
Fixes #12: Contribution announcement message shows always "in 2 days" even if period is shorter
News / 0.9.20 released
Fixes #10: Twitch channels are not detected on all pages
Fixes #11: Add a link to BATifys twitter channel
Asking Questions / Re: Twitch & YouTube? Open source? Roadmap?
Your suggested change to show the publisher verification status at the toolbar icon is live now in version 0.9.19. Like I already wrote via email, I currently don't like to change the UI as the current status is "good enough" imo  :).
News / 0.9.19 released
Fixes #8: Show publisher verification status at toolbar icon
Fixes #9: Twitch channel visits not stored in some cases when no adblocker is used
Asking Questions / Re: Twitch & YouTube? Open source? Roadmap?
I have been playing around a bit with your code from GitHub, made a pull request to add a badge to the BATify icon to indicate whether a website is verified or not. (GitHub:
Great idea, I'll have a look!

Also been working on a slightly updated UI, if you like it, I can make another pull request for that.
Can check it out:
Code is already done on my develop branch fork of your code base.
Looks nice, in fact very similar like my original design :). The problem here is, that it looks too similar like Brave payments, for that reason I had to change it.
News / 0.9.18 released
Fixes #6: Further optimize anonize library
Asking Questions / Re: Twitch & YouTube? Open source? Roadmap?
Hi Mitchell, welcome to the BATify forum!

Does this work with (or is it planned to work with) Twitch & YouTube channels?
Twitch and YouTube channels are already supported.

Is there a roadmap of new features you have planned?
I haven't got a real roadmap. The first step was, to create an extension which offers the same functionality as Brave Payments. Now I hope, that some more users come onboard and help to iron out the bugs which may still exist. Brave will add constantly new websites with channel handling which I will also add. If they add some other features, I will try to add them too, if it is possible with an extension.

Is the project now (or going to be) open source?
If open source, are you accepting contributions? I am a huge fan of BAT and I love the initiative behind this idea, I am also a developer and I would love to help contribute to this if you are needing some extra hands.
Yes, it's open source, the code is published on Github.
Yes, I accept contributions, thanks for your offer! I'll contact you if there is something you could help me with.