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Feature Requests / Re: Tor Extension
Unfortunately, I have no time to test/support additional browsers. Can the TOR browser install extensions from AMO? Did you already try to install BATify in the TOR browser? Goes all traffic in the TOR browser automatically through TOR?
Feature Requests / Re: Tor Extension
Which traffic do you mean? The whole traffic of the browser or only the traffic of BATify itself?
Feature Requests / Re: Monero Support
BATify uses the Brave ledger server which uses itself Uphold. Only coins which are supported by Uphold can be accepted. Currently BTC, ETH, BAT and LTC.
News / 1.0.4 released
Fixes #25: Current source for currency conversion is no longer available
News / 1.0.3 released
Fixes #24: Show error message when balance couldn't be requested from server
News / 1.0.2 released
Fixes #21: In Firefox visits are stored in private mode
Fixes #22: Visits are not logged correctly when multiple browser windows are opened
Fixes #23: Visit logging timeout doesn't work correctly
Bug Reports, Feedback / Re: Tabs active in background windows should not be counted
In the meantime, I were able to reproduce the problem :). It will be fixed in the next version which will be available very soon.

Do you want to contribute to the sites with the wrong visit time amount? If not, the easiest would be, to delete these sites via the trashcan button. If you want to contribute to them, please let me know. I'll think then about a solution for this case.
News / 1.0.1 released
Fixes #19: Decrease amount of data stored per contribution
Fixes #20: Set default log level to "error"
News / 1.0.0 released
Fixes #15: Switch from beta to release status
Fixes #16: At "last contribution" the wrong date is shown
Fixes #17: Change voting commit delay
Fixes #18: Better format dates and amounts in contribution history/contribution history details