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Feature Requests / Re: Tor Extension
All I'm saying is to:
1. Make sure BATify works with TOR (no leakage or fingerprinting) via the FireFox extension
2. Listed TOR as a supported browser along with all the other browsers BATify supports.
TOR users are mostly very serous about privacy and trust so saying that it has been tested with TOR and is "Official Supported" is good.
Bug Reports, Feedback / FOSS Code Repository
Currently users have to download the extension to view the source code. This makes it much harder to review. It would be awesome if BATify could have official repositories on several platforms like GitCenter, Github, GitLab, e.c.t. and add it to the extensions's description. The opensource community has started coming against Closed Source option like GitHub so I highly recommend solutions like GitCenter.


Note: GitCenter is currently only accessible through ZeroNet or a proxy (based on BitTorrent) but clearnet forks are on their way.